Become An Internet Star With Webcast Hosting

Have you always wanted to have your own show? Perhaps you've had dreams of heading to Hollywood and being an actor, actress or television program host. Now you can, and you don't even have to leave home. It's all thanks to the power of webcast hosting, one of the most interesting and useful new technologies on the Internet today. You can actually create any kind of show or streaming webcast you choose, as well as watch the webcasts of others. Even preteens and teenagers are getting into the act, perhaps in part because of the popular Nickelodeon show iCarly which is based around three teens who host their own Internet webcast.

It's a little more complex than just hooking up a camera and pointing it at yourself, although not by much. You will need a hosting provider in order to create streaming media. Some, such as Ustream, are free to use. Others are minimal in cost. Then there are larger hosts for those with bigger needs that cost more. It pays off to comparison shop and check around regarding features and prices that different hosts have to offer before making a commitment to one.

Other than a hosting provider for your webcast, you will need a decent camera. There are many different varieties of web compatible cameras you can use. The quality of both your hosting and your camera will have a lot to do with the image quality of your show. You'll also need a way to capture audio, such as a microphone. Once again, audio quality depends upon your microphone and your host. There are other details to think about also, such as location, background, show content, lighting and so on. It is not much different from making a television show as you want to put your best face forward.

Webcast hosting can be used to entertain, educate or even advertise. You can combine the three to give your viewers and yourself something beneficial. For example, you might run a beauty site and have a show every Friday that demonstrates different makeup techniques. Many zoos have streaming footage of various animals to entice people to come visit. There are even ghost cams that allow viewers to watch for paranormal activity right from their computer. Your creativity can run wild when it comes to producing your very own web show. For ideas, check out some webcasts made by others in the category you are interested in.


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