Uses For Streaming Video Server Software

Streaming video is one of the most interesting ways to get a message across to your website visitors. It can be accomplished with video streaming software, which gives you the technology required to put streaming video on your site. Some software is cheap or even free, and is recommended for small to medium sites. Paid streaming video server software is appropriate for large sites with a lot of traffic. When it comes to exactly how much you can expect to pay, it depends on the software and its features.

One company that offers software for streaming video is NCH Software. Their BroadCam Live Streaming Video Software is offered for free, however there is an upgraded version you can pay to use. With this software you can compress your videos, stream them via Internet and broadcast your video from your web cam or video input. Using this program, streaming video can be viewed via Windows Media player or a Flash plugin. There are multiple file formats supported by this software. With the upgraded version, you can embed a banner and link to drive traffic to wherever you choose.

When first setting up streaming video, you need to figure out if you want your own server or one provided by a hosting company. Having your own server is a big task, one that is expensive and take specialized knowledge. Unless your site is huge, you would probably be better of with a hosting company that provides the software you need and does the difficult work for you. There are still things you'll need to do, such as create and upload videos, but this is nowhere near as complex as running your own server.

There are websites like Ustream that are ideal for amateur webcasters because they host and display streaming video free. Visitors just go to the site to view your content. While the content does not appear on your site via this method, you can always link to your Ustream video. Many people with amateur web shows, puppy cams, kitten cams, wildlife cams and other streaming video content use services like this one to save money and effort.

When shopping around for streaming video server software, compare features and prices from different companies before choosing a software package. It is important to select something that suits your site needs and is manageable for your budget. Because of all the different options available, you can join the many other site owners who are reaching their visitors through streaming video technology.


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